Tech Task #6-Storytelling/Storymaking; Part 1

Tech Task #6 was a fun one! Alan Levine‘s presentation on digital storytelling last night was great. The resources he provided are sure to be used in my classroom this fall!

I used Five Card Flickr for the first part of my assignment. It was very neat! It was also insanely easy to use. Five Card Flickr can be used by anyone- Kindergartens to senior citizens, like Alan mentioned. Not only can anyone easily do this activity, they would also have fun doing it. It was interesting to look at the previously created stories by different people. Every one is so different from the others! This activity is great for the imagination.

Here are the links to the two stories I created:

A problem I can foresee when using it in the classroom:

Some students not taking it seriously-choosing 5 photos, writing a sentence about it, and handing it in.



4 thoughts on “Tech Task #6-Storytelling/Storymaking; Part 1

  1. Bretten,
    I really loved the stories you created. They are so touching! This is a great tool to get students engage in learning. Students will enjoy creating their own stories and sharing them in the class as well as on their blogs. This can be a great way to get students involved in sharing their thoughts and opinions. It will make them realize that their voice matters!
    As far as the problem you mentioned goes, I would agree with Dean on that. It is not something specific to tool. I guess we teachers have to put this activity in such a way that students are left with no other option but to take interest. We just need to motivate them and they can do wonders!

    • Yes, that is true Dean.
      Thanks for the comment, Swati. I hope I helped last night! It looks like you got it figured out- I saw your awesome 5card stories on your blog:) Especially liked the first one!

      • Oh yes! You were of great help. This Tech Task is dedicated you 😉 I really appretiate the way you helped me to figure out the things. I was totally stuck but you helped me to get back into action!

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