Tech Task #5-All About Me

Last night in ECMP 355, George Couros discussed the importance of creating positive online identities.

I Google Searched myself and was disappointed with my findings. My online identity is incredibly boring!

May 2013 059

My Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts are the only spaces that come up-all of which are private, except for my professional Twitter account. Apparently, Bretten is a place in Germany, so most results were relating to that.

I was expecting there to be more results about me. Even something small, such high school awards or scholarships, or tournaments I won in softball would have made me happy.

In the future, I want to see my name come up alongside the school I am teaching at. I hope there is something about the sports’ teams I am coaching, something about a program I have started or helped with within the school. The ultimate best would be seeing my name associated with incorporating technology into my school and classroom, and how that is helping others.

I created an AboutMe Page, though I am still working on it. So far, it is awesome-super easy to use! Check it out at


2 thoughts on “Tech Task #5-All About Me

  1. I never knew that creating digital identity was a important part of teaching! Creating a positive digital footprint makes things a bit easy for us career wise. Thanks to George Couros for enlightening me! We as a teachers have the responsibility to teach students good digital citizenship and for this we need to start with ourselves.

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